An experience I'll never forget

"What can I say about Bali without my heart bursting? I signed up for this retreat having never had done yoga before. Krystal and Jessica (and Stephanie!!!) were so welcoming and encouraging. I never felt out of place or lost. Learning about the eight limbs of yoga and practicing all different types of asana, all while being immersed in the beautiful setting of Komune Resort was an experience I’ll never forget. Our entire group bonded so much over the course of one week, most of us are continuing to make travel plans together! Let me touch on what matters most tho.....FOOD!! I wasn’t expecting great food but I was definitely proven wrong. Mind blowing delicious and healthy meals at this resort which only helps one feel happy and energetic! I will definitely follow these girls wherever they go around the globe"

- Anne Whiteside

This trip forever changed my perspective on traveling

“Words can barely describe the profound feeling of spiritual and physical awakening experienced during and after this retreat. As a repeat participant, I can honestly say that this trip forever changed my perspective on traveling. 

In Bali, the beaches are serene, the temples are sacred, and the mountains are tranquil, however it is the culture that makes this island so beautiful and special. The Balinese people have an aura of being truly happy and blessed in life. Being amongst these people gave me a feeling of true relaxation and happiness. You learn to enjoy the now and appreciate what you have. 

The best part of this retreat is sharing the experience with a group of talented, loving, and supportive humans. I have made lasting and fulfilling friendships on both retreats I attended. Krystal and Jessica do an incredible job of organizing all the details of the trip to make it fun, easy, and stress FREE. The yoga classes are eclectic, spiritual, and good for all levels (which is important for us beginners). The excursions are adventurous and the scenery is spectacular. The Komune Resort is also one of the most amazing places I have ever stayed while traveling. The staff treats you like family, their friendly demeanor is refreshing. 

I have tried many times to describe this trip to my friends and even writing this testimonial is difficult because there are so many more things I could say. It’s hard to describe; something that you have to experience to understand.  I’m grateful I did, because a grateful heart is what I left with.”

- Stephanie Insabella



Both women are amazing yoga instructors

"I had such a wonderful experience being a part of Krystal and Jessica's Yoga Retreat in Bali this year. Both women are amazing yoga instructors and just really fun people to be around. The resort where the retreat took place is also phenomenal. The location was right on the beach and the staff was always there to help with anything that you needed."

- Hailey Partridge

The experience changed me as a person

Living in the US, we never shift into neutral. Our culture doesn’t have an idle switch. The pressure to earn, buy, achieve, impress is always present. Our incredible Bali retreat gave me a way to slip from the pressure and urgency of life in this country, to a place that allowed me to more fully enjoy life, breathe in the air, and think about things from an entirely different perspective. Krystal & Jessica's selection of location was inspired — Komune is all about health, yoga, surfing, and incredible food, without every being stuffy or tourist-y. The activities were fun, fascinating and totally engaging. Many of the sights were, simply, astonishing. The experience changed me as a person, and is something that will stay with me forever.

- Joel Maharry



So much more than expected

When I signed up for the yoga retreat in Bali I knew I would love it, because I love to travel and photos I had seen of Bali were stunning. I also already knew that I loved yoga and I am lucky enough to attend the studio that both Krystal and Jessica teach at regularly (so, I also knew I loved the instructors). However, the trip and retreat turned out to be so much more than expected. From the peace only Bali can offer (coming from someone who has traveled many places around the globe), to the adventure/yoga balance that Krystal and Jessica planned, it was exciting and relaxing all at once. I even learned new types of yoga and experienced a gong bath for the first time in my life, while sweating from natural humidity and listening to the tropical birds of Bali paradise sing their songs. I could go on and on, but I will leave it at this--you will not be disappointed if you join Krystal and Jessica on their next retreat.

- Nichole Bartlett

Truly moving and humbling experience

Truly moving and humbling experience. We met so many amazingly beautiful and talented souls. It was an opportunity to experience different styles of yoga. The resort was gorgeous and with healthy and delicious food. We had enough group activities and plenty of time to do our own thing. We left with a feeling of being refreshed and at peace.

- Mark & Autumn



This is the time to take the leap

If going to a yoga retreat or visiting Bali was ever, on ANY form of your ‘bucket list,’ this is the time to take the leap.

I will admit, I was nervous.  I had a regular practice, but as we know—stuff happens & I’d fallen out of routine.  I’d been to Bali & traveled, but still, I’m more of an introvert.  When Krystal brought up that I should come—EVERY doubt reared it’s head!  Could I afford it?  I’m out of practice, could I make the experience worth the expense, while taking off work at the time I make the most money.  Wait, I’m also sharing a room with a stranger?!?  What if I hate her?  I don’t know about this...Everything starts piling up in your head.  However, this HUGE (& very loud voice) in my head screamed GO!

So, I put it in the hands of fate, if I had the full amount by a certain day, I would go.  The money came in & I booked it.  I was still nervous!  What about my roommate, what about my practice, what, what, what?  It was A LOT of worry—about NOTHING!  My roommate, Julia, I met her on the plane.  We didn’t know we were roommates, yet.  Somehow, during a veeery long flight, layover in Taiwan & 2 car-rides, we decided we’d approach Krystal & beg her to reassign us as roommates.  As normal, our amazing teachers were quite a few steps ahead of us.  We were already roommates.  My practice?—EVERYONE was at a different level!  We weren’t here to look like a photoshopped class, where everyone looked perfect.  We were here to experience, learn & connect—& we did!

There’s something indescribable about Bali!  It’s one of those  ‘you have to experience it’ things. For the first time, I was gifted to experience it with a truly amazing group of people.  Krystal & Jess are simply phenomenal individuals & teachers.  They truly care about every person & the footprint they leave behind (carbon & spiritual).  Practices were spread out & all inclusive—plus fun.  Leave it to Krystal to say with one breath ‘keep your eyes closed & focus inward,’ then 3 seconds later excitedly, exclaim—“PONIES!! Just ignore the ponies,” & Jess to suggest enhancing a posture by ‘putting Beyoncé’ in.  This level of pure enjoyment was brought into every aspect of our time.  Cooking classes, group dinners, volcano hikes, (SO worth it!  But if someone tells you hiking up a Volcano at 3am is like a ‘stroll thru the woods with a few steep parts’—it’s not—it is however worth it!) Then you have your group, or tribe.  This amazing group of people, from all different backgrounds, careers & locations.  NO ONE is there to judge you, they are there to welcome you with open arms & support.

Taking this trip was one of the best experiences of my life.  It is one I will never regret.  If you have any doubt—don’t.  I very (im)patiently waited for our amazing leads to get back into hometown, so I could book again.  & by that I mean, poor Krystal didn’t even have the time to finish giving me the dates before I sent her my deposit.

If you’re worried about not having the time to explore—don’t.  You are not required or pressured to attend every practice, though you’ll want to. Many of us missed a class here or there (2 practices a day) in order to wander.  Worried about not having anyone you know?—Not everyone knows each other, many don’t.  I probably knew about 4 of a group of 30 before hand—don’t worry, (Krystal, Jess & co) set up social media & brunches before hand.  Worried about finding someone whose interests match yours in exploring—someone’s will.  I met many amazing souls, that I probably never would have.  Don’t want to hike a Volcano—white sand beaches!  Don’t like green juices—PAPAYA!  Seriously you should see the size of them here! 

I won’t go even more wordy talking about our location & island home...just look up Komune Bali.  It’s beauty & grace & that of all the people who work there pay proper tribute to the island it calls home.

To repeat my opening words, if you’ve ever wanted to experience Bali &/or a yoga retreat... Whatever it is you’re looking to find or see...just keep your heart open, it’s waiting for you. 

- Regina Lehman 

She can really bring up the energy in the room

As a former student, the best thing about Brook Hopper as a teacher is her ability to gently push and yet also firmly support her students, both literally and figuratively. She and Krystal are great ACROVINYASA co-teachers, as they play off each other quite well, almost like twins. Brook has an amazingly kind and genuine presence. She has a very calm demeanor with straight forward and clear directions as both Base and Flyer. As she has more of an active sports influenced background as opposed to traditional yoga, she can really bring up the energy in the room.

Brook made my introduction to Acro easy and always showed confidence in my abilities, even when I did not. Three years later, I'm a teacher myself and it would never have happened with out Brook's confidence and support. (And Krystals' too of course). The ability to see and support the inner strengths of your students is a an amazing quality in a teacher, and one that I hope I embody with my own students. I highly recommend her classes.

- Brett Hubbard